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Web Design

Website review by Matt Cutts which goes through real-life issues that effect developers when it comes to optimising their app for search.

UI / UX Design, Web Design

How to design with science and not destroy the magic - Joe Leech

Inspiration, UI / UX Design, Web Design

Nathalie founded the web psychology movement. She knows how websites affect our brain and what elements you can apply to influence our actions. During her talk, Nathalie will fuse the worlds of psychology, web design, and behavioural economics together to create specific, practical, steps you can take to improve the design of your community website. If you want to know how to make people click and provoke specific emotions, Nathalie is the person you speak to. If you want to know what colour to use, you speak to Nathalie. If you want to know how to adapt your site to each specific culture you’re targeting, you speak to Nathalie.

Branding, Web Design

David Carson needs no introduction. Described by Creative Review magazine as "the most famous graphic designer on the planet", his first book, The End of Print, is the top selling graphic design book of all time. With a new book on the horizon (although not yet finished as he explains during the seminar), David Carson held two seminars in London and Zurich and provided a great evening of entertainment and insight into his work. His commentary is interesting, funny and incredibly inspiring -- and shows why he's famous for pushing the boundaries of design.

Web Design

Peter Merholz has long been at the forefront of thinking about product design and how the discipline should be practiced. Currently Senior Director of design with Jawbone, he was previously VP of Global Design at Groupon and is a co-founder of design agency Adaptive Path.