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Peter Merholz has long been at the forefront of thinking about product design and how the discipline should be practiced. Currently Senior Director of design with Jawbone, he was previously VP of Global Design at Groupon and is a co-founder of design agency Adaptive Path.

Productive Life

Every designer has had to justify their designs to a non-designer, yet most lack the ability to convince people they’re right. The ability to effectively articulate your decisions is critical to the success of a project, because the most articulate person usually wins. In this session, you’ll learn practical tips for talking about your designs to executives, managers, developers, and other designers with the goal of winning them over and getting your way when it comes to the final design.

Web Design

This session will provide an in-depth look at human perception and cognition, and its implications for interactive and visual design. The human brain is purely treated as an information processing machine, and we will teach the audience its attributes, its advantages, its limitations, and generally how to hack it. While the content will provide a deep review of recent cognitive science research, everything presented will also be grounded in example design work taken from a range of Google applications and platforms. Specific topics will include: edge detection, gestalt laws of grouping, peripheral vision, geons and object recognition, facial recognition, color deficiencies, change blindness, flow, attention, cognitive load balancing, and the perception of time.

Branding, Inspiration

Writer and graphic designer Chip Kidd has been designing book jackets for Alfred A. Knopf since 1986. His innovative work, recognized by international awards, has helped spark a revolution in the art of American book packaging. Kidd has written about graphic design and popular culture and is an editor of comic books for Pantheon, a Knopf subsidiary. Milton Glaser has been one of the most pivotal figures in contemporary graphic design and illustration. Glasers career spans more than fifty years and includes logos, ads, posters, portraits, and identities for newspapers, magazines, books, exhibitions, grocery stores, and restaurants. In 1954, he co-founded Push Pin Studios and in 1968, he co-founded New York Magazine, which became the prototype for city magazines and service journalism across the country. His other iconic works include the album cover for Bob Dylans Greatest Hits, and the world-famous I Love NY logo (which, after September 11th, was transformed into I Love NY More Than Ever).

Web Design

Join Scott Thomas, a lead web designer on President Obama's electoral campaign, as he explains how to design online communities that resonate and motivate. All too often, discussions of analytics, clickthrough rates, and search engine optimization cloud the important truth that online campaigns and communities are for human beings. Come discover how to use superior design, authentic messaging, and valuable content to delivering resonant messages that connect with your audience through the noise of the Internet.
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