These are design projects done in less than a minute by Pierre Lota.


A fascinating insight into the cultural context of designing type. Nadine Chahine, world renowned typographer, now based in Berlin, who has reimagined legendary typefaces such as Helvetica for the Arabic alphabet, describes here how her new type designed for leading Lebanese Newspaper takes on a life of its own. She describes how it becomes a powerful symbol for freedom of speech within the tumultuous socio-political context of Lebanon.


The first addition to the agIdeas design archive - Neville Page, giving us in depth insight into the process and practice of award winning creative creature design.


Creativity has always been essential for our cultural growth, but there are still many misconceptions about this elusive process. Not the left-brain/right-brain binary that we've come to believe, being creative is considerably more complex, and requires a nuanced understanding of ourself and others. Being a powerful creative person involves letting go of preconceived notions of what an artist is, and discovering and inventing new processes that yield great ideas. Most importantly, creators must push forward, whether the light bulb illuminates or not.

Inspiration, Miscellaneous

Evoking meaning, rather than boldly presenting truth: this is the essence of typographer Karel Martens' work. To achieve this he likes to experiment with numbers, abstract figures and vivid colors.
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