Chip Kidd, the prolific graphic designer, author and editor, commissioned some one of a kind collections of original artwork from All-Star Superman #10, Batman & Robin #2 and a story from the Japanese Batman comics. Here he shows off the impressive results.


Lecturer and landscape artist Scott Naismith explains concepts of hue and saturation using the color wheel. Concepts behind complementary colours revealed with a demonstration.
This video is intended as an educational aid for artists, graphic designers and illustrators to better understand the concepts of colour balance in terms of hue and saturation in order to assist colour mixing.


In an image-saturated world, British collage artist John Stezaker rather creates more with less. Cutting up yesterday photographs, subtracting pieces, and juxtaposing faces, he transforms forgotten photographs and postcards into symbolic portraiture of modernism. Stezaker’s artistic interests in examining hidden relations between images have bestowed international success and recognition upon him and his collage art. had a precious opportunity to speak with the artist at his exhibition in Berlin’s Capitain Petzel Gallery.

Inspiration, Product Design

Adidas Originals - The Team Behind the ZX Flux

Product Design

It is the story of Brad, a toaster which is part of a new breed of products that love to be be used. It shows the implications of agency of products in everyday life. What could happen if a product wants to be used?
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