Inspiration, UI / UX Design, Web Design

Talk by Jim Bull

Animation, Inspiration

Great Documentary about our fav. American animator.

Coding, UI / UX Design, Web Design

Rachael talks about Ops Tooling for User Interface Design.

UI / UX Design

If your job title is UI Designer, you might start thinking about a new one. Why? Because the future belongs to UI-less interactions. Internet of Things has arrived, and with it the context provided by sensors, beacons, and connected devices, effectively blurring the lines between physical and digital. This means human-machine interaction will soon venture far beyond the confines of a screen and it’s high time to embrace that shift.

Presentation, UI / UX Design, Web Design

The hardest part of design is presenting work. We’ve seen people who’ve done amazing work get up in front of a client and lay eggs. We’ve also seen people do mediocre work and wrap clients around their little finger. Optimally, you want to do good work and present it well. We’d rather have a good designer who can present well than a great designer who can’t. Work that can’t be sold is as ineffective as the designer who can’t sell it. Presenting is a core design skill. In this session, Mike will go over the most common mistakes designers make when presenting their work, and how to avoid them.
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