UI / UX Design

A behind-the-scenes look at building Google's visual framework. the Material Design team gave a couple talks about lessons learned from the first year of Google's Material Design.


Slovakian graphic and typeface designer Peter Biľak, based in The Hague, The Netherlands and head of the type foundry Typotheque, elaborates on whether there is a need for new fonts.

Web Design

Narrated by Irene Pereyra (Global Director of UX & Strategy) and Anton Repponen (Global Creative Director), this is the story behind the redesigned USA Today site that boldly reimagines the way users interact with news online. The award-winning site involved all Fi teams from strategy, UX, design and development. The innovative page-turning site allows users to easily scroll left and right while reading articles, streaming videos or viewing photo galleries, transforming the experience of reading news online to that of reading a digital magazine. The new design also integrates large and immersive ads effectively, modernizing the canvas for digital advertising.

Web Design

We have arrived in an age of design. No longer relegated to a function of the marketing department or tacked on to an engineering process, Designers are increasingly taking leadership positions in the top companies in tech. But how do we manage creative teams to achieve their full potential? I'll share stories from my years of leading product development — both successful and not — to show that investing in culture might be the best competitive edge you can gain.

Productive Life

With ever-increasing demands on our attention, how do we focus on what's really important in our lives? Matthew Crawford, acclaimed author of The Case for Working with Your Hands, argues that our current crisis of attention, dissatisfaction with ourselves and alienation from other people, is the result of long-held assumptions in Western culture that are profoundly at odds with human nature. In order to flourish, we need to establish meaningful connections with the world, the people around us and the historical moment we live in. What is needed is an ‘ethics of attention for our time’, grounded in a realistic account of the mind and a critical gaze at modern culture. Speaker: Matthew Crawford, philosopher and mechanic Chair: Jonathan Rowson, director, RSA Social Brain Centre
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