Inspiration, UI / UX Design

Digital marketing conference iLive2014 speaker Bart Schutz's video of his presentation "The Wheel of Persuasion". Considering himself ‘Passionate Persuasion Psychologist’, as well as a notorious ‘Cerebral Conversion Champ’, Bart is one of the few international leading voices on how to influence consumer behaviour. He is Chief Persuasion Officer and Managing Partner at the international award winning company ‘Online Dialogue’. Among other things, Bart is authoring the, a blog (soon to be tool) containing hundreds of online persuasion techniques. After obtaining a degree in Consumer Psychology with testing online behaviour in a qualitative manner, he started his own usability testing company.

UI / UX Design

As services become more interconnected across channels and devices—and more importantly across time and space—it's becoming increasingly important to find ways to gain insight about customers' interactions with your product or service. Whether it's an expanding digital product ecosystem, a cross-channel retail experience, or a complex, intangible service experience -- how do we design experiences that unfold over time and through changing contexts? How do we ramp up new cross-functional teams that don't have a shared sense of process or methodology? But the mandate is there, design a holistic experience seamlessly spanning the whole customer journey. How do you design this journey? One where each moment your organization touches or connects with a person's life is appropriate, relevant, meaningful, and endearing?

Coding, Web Design

Ryan Seddon talks about performance improvements for webpages.

Inspiration, Web Design

Luke inspires with this session on designing for mobile in 2015. In today's world, not all screens are equal, and Luke talks about the key themes you need to remember when designing your website.

UI / UX Design, Web Design

Transitions, animations, and motions within the user interface can enhance the overall user experience and tell a subtle story about your product, sometimes even making an interaction more intuitive and easier to use. No longer can we think of user interfaces as static designs and add the magic of interaction later on. Instead, we need to embrace the interactive nature of the web from the very beginning and think of it as natural constituent. In this presentation we will examine why motion is such an important factor in contemporary user interface design and how can we use it as a tool to create more immersive web/mobile experiences that are both easier to understand and more delightful in their use.
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